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Pickup on South Street and Neuromancer

These two stories have quite a bit of similarities within the plot and also within the cast of characters. The plot is pretty similar do to the fact that there is a “hacker” in both stories who steals data throughout the story in order to achieve self satisfaction and for the work of others. Case is the hacker in Neuromancer and Skip in Pick up on South Street. Both of the characters have nothing to lose because they are both in situations where getting caught again or being poisoned again would be worst than dying. The time periods may be radically different but all the same concept.

The settings of the stories are different, but similar in certain ways. The setting in Neuromancer is an abundance of technology which has transformed a city. Without technology Neuromancer wouldn’t have a setting. In The other story its set in older times before technology has had its chance to take over. The major similarity between the two is that they both take place in a city. The stories are practically the same; one with technology and one without.

Neuromancer Quotation

I do agree with Easterbrook when he says that there is an emphasis on the value of the artificial and how he believes that it is more natural than nature itself. Easterbrook says that nature has been replaced with artificiality and I couldn’t believe that to be any more true.

Gibson does a very good job about not giving us a description of the natural things that the characters may or may not be surrounded by. He definitely focuses on the artificial aspect of the world and how technology satisfies the characters more than the true organic objects.

There is a time where case is talking about the setting of where he is and he knows so much about how the “nature” around him is projected and created. He is more familiar with how technology produces nature than nature itself. He is not in touch with the simplest of things that nature has to offer.



Neuromancer describes what everybody in the 1980s thought a hacker would be. “Hackers” today range from people who actually have skills on the computer to the people who perform “life hacks” to make life easier. Hacking today can be interpreted as little shortcuts to make your day or someone else’s more efficient. Neuromancer describes a hacker as someone who has a plethora of intelligence and who uses his or her skills of coding/hacking to perform good or bad deeds.

Himanen describes hacking as a passion and not a job. In all other jobs you have a set schedule and have to perform a series of tasks that are given to you each day. If the tasks are not completed you are required to stay and finish them regardless of whether or not you want to do it. Himanen describes hacking as job that only can be completed with passion. Hackers must have a love for their work because it make take hours or days to complete a task. Also hackers do not have a set schedule like the average worker which gives them the freedom to work when and where they want. The main characters can relate to Himanen because they perform their tasks because they love what they do. They do not stay in one place but instead do whatever is necessary to complete their task at hand.

Neuromancers characters are not cultural heroes in my eyes. A cultural hero is somebody who can be looked up to by a group of people who are in the same culture. Case is not a good example for the culture of hacking. Yes, he may be stealing from the rich but the only reason he is doing that is to stay alive and to get his cyber fix. So far I do not believe the main characters are cultural heroes.